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The enormous box- like head sets it apart physically from other whales. Other females protect a calf that is not yet capable of deep diving while the mother dives for food. Some of the features on will not function properly with out javascript enabled. All State Mammals - All Aquatic Life Symbols. State Fish. The Sperm Whale is the largest of the toothed whales, growing up to 60 feet in length and capable of diving over 3,000 feet in search of the squid and cuttlefish on … Robins are beautiful colored birds. Official State Animal of Connecticut Connecticut designated the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) the official state animal in 1975. Robins are considered as one of America’s beloved songbirds. The sperm whale is now on the federal endangered species list. What is Desmond's Law? The wild turkey, missing from the state since the early 19th century, is abundant again after having been reintroduced in the 1970s. The State Composer. Connecticut law prohibits housing discrimination, including discrimination against those with physical, mental, or learning disabilities. The Sperm Whale was designated as the state animal by the General Assembly in 1975. These Connecticut states reflect the state's laws on the keeping of wild animals. A consolidated collection of Connecticut state dog law compiled by Michigan State University Animal Legal & Historical Center. The living creatures found in the state of Connecticut are beautiful, fascinating, and sometimes annoying, but always worth having around. Connecticut State Animal Response Team: Providing Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery for Emergencies Affecting Animals Connecticut State Symbols contains descriptions and pictures of the state symbols, emblems, and mascots of the state, which can be quickly accessed. The following is a list of symbols of the U.S. state of Connecticut.Symbols are found in Chapter 33, Sections 3.105–110 of the General Statutes of Connecticut, and are listed in the Connecticut State Register and Manual. Connecticut > State > Families and Kids > Zoos, Aquariums & Animal Parks Connecticut's many zoos, aquariums, and animal parks are a fun place to visit for people of all ages. The Judicial Branch law libraries hold a number of items which may be of help in researching service animal and ADA law. However, many people do not understand how to qualify for an emotional support animal in Connecticut. State Flag. Service Animals in Connecticut Housing. The Connecticut State Animal Response Team (CTSART) program is a collaboration among government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, industry, and volunteers for preparing and responding to animal needs in disasters. The State Insect. The sperm whale ( Physeter macrocephalus ), or cachalot, is the largest of the toothed whales and the largest toothed predator. These Connecticut statutes comprise the state's dog law. The number of species of mammals commonly found to live in Connecticut seems to be around 40. Connecticut: Entered the Union: Jan. 9, 1788 (5) Capital: Hartford Origin of Name: From an Indian word (Quinnehtukqut) meaning "beside the long tidal river" State Nicknames: Constitution State • Nutmeg State State Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet (He who transplanted still sustains) State Tree: White (Charter) Oak State Bird: American Robin State Flower: Mountain Laurel Many people also suffer from a mental disability. Descriptions of the species or other, more general information not related to Connecticut can be found by following the links to Wikipedia articles on the individual species.) The State Shellfish. Select the image or the title for more information. This is what we are going to discuss below. The Sperm Whale is the largest of the toothed whales, growing up to 60 feet in length and capable of diving over 3,000 feet in search of the squid and cuttlefish on which it feeds. (This list of species concentrates on the habitats in the state in which they can be found, how prevalent they are or have been in the state, history of their prevalence in Connecticut and any other information directly related to the mammals' existence in the state — including laws and regulations, state-sponsored re-introductions, and notable sitings. Dilophosaurus. CMACOA thanks the ASPCA for their support of Animal Control Officers and the valuable training that we need. Mountain Laurel. Most bear live young, although a few egg-laying mammals, such as the bizarre duck-billed platypus of Australia, exist. Connecticut has a variety of animal species. This website is designed to help those interested identify wildlife they may have encountered in Connecticut, and to provide some basic and interesting information about the various creatures that live here. The sperm whale played a significant role in the history of Connecticut (in the 1800's Connecticut ranked second only to Massachusetts in the whaling industry). The State Fossil. Animal lovers of all ages can see eagles soar and hear tigers roar at one of the many aquariums, zoos, nature centers and wildlife parks in Connecticut. The state fossil is the Eubrontes giganteus American Shad. It is also recommended that you contact us to access the following articles: "Service Animals in Schools" by Christina D. Ghio, Connecticut Lawyer Volume 24 Number 8 (April 2014). The State Animal. State Flagship. The state animal is the Sperm Whale. 74 likes. The State Flower. © Reproduced from the Connecticut State Register & Manual with permission of the Secretary of the State. Flag of Connecticut. Weight: The weight of male sperm whale is … Their grants have helped us provide quality training for CT ACOs at our annual conference. It is the only living member of genus Physeter, and one of three extant species in the sperm whale family, along with the pygmy sperm whale and dwarf sperm whale of the genus Kogia. The State Motto. Hartford has been the capital of Connecticut since 1875 and the state animal (mammal) is the sperm whale (Physeter Macrosephalus) . The State Hero. SUMMARY. The sperm whale was the species most sought after by Connecticut whalers circling the globe on ships out of New London, Mystic and other Connecticut ports to bring back needed oil for lamps and other products. Get the facts at Emotional Support Animals in Connecticut. The early settlers named these birds “Robins”. The state bird is the American Robin. With regard to damage by dogs, the law provides a form of strict liability that states if any dog does any damage to either the body or property of any person, the owner or keeper shall be liable for such damage, except when such damage has been occasioned to the body or … The State Animal of Connecticut facts— Common name: Sperm whale Scientific name: Physeter macrocephalus Length: male sperm whale will typically grow to be around 50 – 55 ft long but occasionally it may be more than 65 ft. American Robin is the state bird of Connecticut. The state is named after the Connecticut River, which bisects the state and is a major river in the … The State Bird. Sperm whale; photo by Szecska on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike). Sperm whales can be found in all oceans of the world. The sperm whale was the species most sought after by Connecticut whalers circling the globe on ships out of New London, Mystic and other Connecticut ports to bring back needed oil for lamps and other products. We regret that our 2020 conference has been cancelled due … The variety and splendor of exotic animals, farm animals, fish and marine animals is inspiring. The sperm whale's brain is the largest of any creature that ever existed on earth. Connecticut State Animal: Sperm Whale. The State Ship. Most recent estimates suggest a global population of about 360,000 animals down from about 1,100,000 before whaling. It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. Just a Sampling of Options for Animals & Wildlife in Connecticut! The state fish is the American Shad. Among whales, the sperm whale is unique in both appearance and social behavior. “ Desmond’s Law" is a groundbreaking Connecticut law that enables courts to appoint legal advocates to represent the interests of justice in animal cruelty cases involving dogs and cats. Freedom Schooner Amistad. Connecticut selected the American Robin as the official state bird of Connecticut in 1943. The State Song. The largest of the toothed whales, sperm whales grow to 70 feet in length and can weigh 59 tons. The state animal of Connecticut is the sperm whale, the state bird is the American Robin, the state insect is the European Praying Mantis, and the state shellfish is the oyster. Connecticut State Symbols Tradition, patriotism, and pride in our state have resulted in the official adoption of the emblems and symbols which appear on this page. Source | Reference Links | Additional Resources, Sperm whale (Physeter catodon); Animal Diversity Web. CGS § 53-248 subjects, to fines up to $200, imprisonment up to six months, or both, anyone who: 1. sells, offers to sell, trades, or gives away a horse to be worked that could not be worked in Connecticut without violating the animal cruelty laws or 2. Members of a whale pod form strong and long lasting bonds. California grizzly bear (animal) (1953) Gray whale (1975) Colorado: Rocky … Sperm whales are still fairly numerous, but selective killing of the larger breeding-age males over many years upset the male-to-female ratio, and the birth rate has seriously declined in some populations. The State Animal. More than 300 species of birds are often seen in the state, though sightings of the Connecticut warbler are rare. The brain of the sperm whale is the largest of any animal (reaching up to 20 pounds). COVID-19 Information: Connecticut residents are urged to continue taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The First State House. What duties does the law impose on ACOs? It was selected because of its specific contribution to the state's history and because of its present-day plight as an endangered species. Printable map of Connecticut and info and links to Connecticut facts, famous natives, landforms, latitude, longitude, maps, symbols, timeline and weather - by State Flower. The great American novelist Herman Melville wrote about these creatures in his famous book "Moby-Dick." Ambergris (a strange substance found in large lumps in the lower intestine of sperm whales, formed around squid beaks that remain in the stomach) was used in the making of perfume, and continues to be valuable in spite of its widespread replacement by synthetics. It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Sperm whales are among the deepest diving cetaceans, capable of diving two miles in search of deep water squid, their main food source (a sperm whale consumes about one ton of food each day - squid, fish, skate, octopus, etc.). All State Mammals - All Aquatic Life Symbols The sperm whale played a significant role in the history of Connecticut (in the 1800's Connecticut ranked second only to Massachusetts in the whaling industry). It is a public-private partnership, organized to prepare our state for any disaster that involves domestic animals in Connecticut. ISSUES What are the education requirements for an animal control officer (ACO) in Connecticut? Connecticut designated the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) the official state animal in 1975. The State Tree. Search the online catalog for availability and locations. The State Heroine. From Sperm Whale: American Cetacean Society Fact Sheet: The sperm whale's head houses a large reservoir containing spermaceti, a clear liquid oil that hardens to a wax- like consistency when cold, and has long been prized by whalers. Connecticut State Animal Response Team. Reproduced from the Connecticut State Register & Manual with permission of the Secretary of the State. Among the provisions include licensing, kennel, and rabies regulations. They protect young calves and the sick or injured of their pod. Shorebirds, waterfowl, and seabirds abound along the coast. Mammals have fur or hair and produce milk to feed their offspring. Sperm whales were killed in two massive hunts, the Moby Dick whalers who worked mainly between 1740-1880, and the modern whalers whose operations peaked in 1964, when 29,255 were killed. Many people across the globe suffer from an emotional disability. $50.00 for 1 site, $20.00 for each additional site : Courier Service for to Tolland, Windham, and Hartford County : Please contact the laboratory at 860-486-3738 or visit menu option Service & Guideline/Mailing and Courier Service for more information: Courier Service to Middelsex and New London County 2016 | Connecticut's Official State Website. Under § 26-40a, no person shall possess a potentially dangerous animal, which includes wildlife such as the lion, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, ocelot, jaguarundi cat, puma, lynx, bobcat, wolf, coyote, all species of bears, gorilla, chimpanzee and orangutan. The State Folk Dance - Square Dance. Connecticut Animal Rescue: Low-Cost Connecticut Spay/Neuter Clinics (Sorted by Zip Code) Hartford County - Granby, Connecticut 06035 Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital 860-653-7238 Tolland County - Tolland, CT 06084 Kitty Angels 860-875-1808 Hartford County - Newington 06111

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