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For me, what is important here is not the wearing of earrings, or of any kind of jewellery, whether by males or females. It is usually performed during the sixth month or seventh month or third year or fifth year or 7th year after birth. With over 25 years of piercing experience, Roger has become the co-owner of several piercing studios such as ENVY Body Piercing and Rebel Rebel Ear Piercing and teaches the craft of body piercing at Ancient Adornments. There is a weakness in your argument. Are these body piercing allowed or not? The same principle applies to Islamic Law. The Prophet cursed men who imitate women as reported by Al Bukhari in a sound Hadith. Many of these people owned no property in the UK and relied on rented accommodation. Imagine now, today, that I am a landlord, and I place on my property the sign: ‘No blacks accepted.’ I would be prosecuted for racial discrimination. Perhaps you are missing the point of my own post, brother. And in addition to that, earrings are imitating the kuffar men, which is also haraam. Men can only wear rings. If the man puts some golden ornament in his ears he commits several sins at … It is good practice (where possible) to quote your sources; Qur'an, ahadith and so on; so that others can read and learn. Men can only wear rings. Both men and women have been piercing various parts of their bodies, including the ears, tongue, nose, lips, among others. Body piercings have become a common trend over the past decade. //]]>, Salam, I am a 19 year old Muslim male and just got my ears pierced. It was. Finally, we would say that any Muslim man who wears jewellery is making himself look like the kuffaar, because this is known to be their style of adornment; the latest fashion among them is to wear earrings and the like in their ears, noses, lips, cheeks and other parts of the body (so-called body-piercing). So my question is, if it were proven that men wore earrings before women, then it not unlawful for men to wear earrings correct? So weigh out the options do research. The pain is light, and if the piercing is done when the girl is small, it heals quickly“. (and that) men in Native American tribes wore earrings before women’. Copyright © Islam Publications & Research. I never wear jeans. My parents are very knowledgable in religion, Allhamdullilah, and they are fine with it. As far as I am aware the Sharia takes no account of Native American practices; or the (alleged) practices of the first men. If having the piercing done involves uncovering the ‘awrah and having a stranger or non-mahram, male or female, look at it, then this is undoubtedly a haraam action. A muslim man who has pierced ears looks ridiculous. Earrings are adornment that is only allowed for females in Islaam, along with bracelets, necklaces and anklets/bangles. Re: Male Ear Piercing? How can we say if some of the companions worn ear rings then Islam permits ear piercing, they might pierced their ear before accepting Islam. ; Conch piercing – It’s called so because this part of the ear resembles conch shells. No. Among those non-Muslim men, the earrings were originally worn to demonstrate one of two things (depending on which ear the ring was worn): either that the person was homosexual or the person wore an earring to demonstrate his toughness. I would like to show them. It takes 8 to 16 weeks to heal. Certain landlords did not want blacks as tenants and put signs in their windows saying: ‘Rooms for Rent. – Azik Abdullah Feb 12 '14 at 7:06. In the end there may well be no universal agreement, in which case a man would be free to act on his (well informed) Islamic conscience. 5. What is important (again for me) is the need to provide references to support one’s point of view; especially when one is attempting to convey to another the teachings and practices of Islam. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"938136cbf53292df68d2826d370d955430759bd5-1607875713-1800"}; To know all What is Islam Surah's, Aytal kursi, Yaseen, Women rights in islam, Zakat, Duwas with audio and translation,This app is designed for person who cannot read arabic language This app is easy to use This changed only when the law was changed. By the early 1990s, however, so many men were wearing piercings in either or both ears that the placement was less likely to indicate sexual preference. Is it haram for a boy/man to wear earrings/get ears pierced? Continuing on what inclined2truth said, then not only would this be imitating woman its also imitating disbelievers and evildoers. Okay. See more ideas about mens piercings, piercings, piercing. Ibn ‘Aabideen (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Piercing the ear in order to wear earrings is part of the adornment of women and it is not permissible for males. For instance, Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari, director of the UK Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence, asserts in "The Fiqh of Body Piercing" that piercing is generally forbidden, since it is involves mutilating the body created and given by God. Alhamdulillah brother I am happy on your choice. I am not getting earrings to imitate women, I don't know anyone that is either. Jan 24, 2017 - Explore ghida's board "men's piercings", followed by 3148 people on Pinterest. I will try and explain this to them tomorrow. He is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). It … AlMaghrib Institute is a non-profit Islamic studies institute focused on providing an general Islamic education to the masses. Pierce how to want it to be and when you want to get it. Download this app using link below,, It is forbidden/haram for a man to take/make the look of women.. and vice versa. Is it haram for a boy/man to wear earrings/get ears pierced. Ear piercing is for women not men. Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, "be", and it is! At the time this form of discrimination was perfectly legal. And in addition to that, earrings are imitating the kuffar men, which is also haraam. But who judges that earrings are a women's look? In the 90’s and currently most people in the USA have multiple piercings in both ears and it has nothing to do with sexuality whatsoever. No one can decide that earrings were meant for women alone so that nullifys the Hadith you used correct? (Now wait for it......wait for it .......). [CDATA[ Most of the world has embraced western ideas and have become liberal in terms of body piercings. If you pierce your right ear, are you gay? You asked what does the Sharia have to say about men wearing jewellery, and one person has said that it is forbidden (giving an Hadith as evidence). See more ideas about mens piercings, piercings, men earrings. As you know, the Sharia is based upon the Qur’an; upon authenticated ahadith; and upon the majority consensus of our Islamic Scholars. Also, do you have a quote or hadith about cutting ties? Please help. Ear lobe piercing, known as Karnvedh Sanskar, is considered an important ceremony in many Hindu traditions. :), That's very kind. Salaam. End quote from Radd al-Muhtaar, 6/420 With regard to the ruling on doing body piercing, i.e., piercing various parts of the body in order to wear adornments, the ruling on this action is subject to further discussion: 1. Thank you. I am not getting earrings to imitate women, I don't know anyone that is either. Earrings for men are not new and not trendy its been done over and over for decades. This is often misinterpreted and misconstrued. A Guide to Male Piercings. I do not know if it is correct or not but I think it is related with its view/image society/world where you live. Although, it is not necessary to pierce ears for everyone. It is known that the women of the Sahaabah had earrings that they wore in their ears. According to Islaam, it is imitating women. "When a man sees the road as long he weakens in his walk." Top 10 Health Benefits of Ear Piercing for Men: Ear piercing has more to it than style. This is simply good scholarship. Jul 5, 2015 - Explore Blake Deason's board "Men's piercings", followed by 141 people on Pinterest. Threw away about 20 pair when I embraced Islam. Finally, for a man to pierce his ear entails his imitation of women, and in many hadiths our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men. Men in Native American tribes wore earrings before women as well, so doesn't that make earrings for both sexes and none of them are copying one another? Orbital piercing – It is done in the lobe region of the ear and is any two piercings connected by one piece of jewelry. Salam. Whether it’s your ear, your eyebrow, or your third eye, this is everything you need to know about safe and slick piercing. It is the law. I have been asked by many friends and simply told them I do not know of any narrations specifically, only I cannot ever imagine a Prophet or Imam of Islam ever getting a piercing. The Helix, the Daith and the anti-Tragus piercing. Wa alaikum el salaam brother/sister in Allah's path Paulus, you are totally right. The most proximal of the male genital piercings is the ‘Pubic Piercing’ . [Sahih Bukhari, Abu Dawud] And Allah knows best. [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR="#0066ff"][SIZE=4] We're all a little broken in our own little way and the last time I checked, broken crayons still colour the same...[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT], I'm a female and even I don't have earrings lol, 82. That’s why you’ll see male K-Pop artist wear makers and earrings, and their sexual preference is not put into question. If it is clear that its a trend of kufr then you shouldn't do it. As mentioned, where you live dictates if piercing your right ear is considered gay. Most often body piercings are made for aesthetic reasons but what we do not realise is that this act can actually cause harmful effects on us if it is done at an inappropriate place. I will try and explain this to them tomorrow. In this article, we have curated some latest and best ear-piercing ideas and benefits for men and also the jewellery that can be experimented with. (Allah knows better).. but I want to tell you that most of the people in the world(not only the Islamic world) are considering the ear pierce for women. Getting any kind of ear piercing is fantastic, but don’t forget about healing and aftercare! If having the piercing done involves uncovering the ‘awrah and having a stranger or non-mahram, male or female, look at it, then this is undoubtedly a haraam action. In history men were the first to we're earrings do technically is it not allowed for a man to wear earrings, like necklaces? Your a young Muslim man and you have options for men's clothing . And it … The ear-piercing is believed to be related to reproductive too. We can't copy their fashion. Maybe it was the left ear in the UK but in the USA if you pieced only your right ear (in the 80’s) it meant that you were gay. Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5885. It is forbidden in Islam for men to copy or imitate styles and ways that are distinctively feminine. Watch The Full Video for More Info! Originally posted by kimo914 View Post Haha this cracks me up :P all i was enquiring is why as soon as a male wears a necklace or bracelet or in this sense if he got his ear pierced all of a sudden he is doing it because he wants to look like a girl :S Your task is to form your own Islamic conscience by honest study of the Sharia; so that you can make the correct decisions in life. ‘(in history) men were the first to wear earrings ………. This may well be true (I wasn’t around at the time); nevertheless, one is entitled to ask: ‘What is your evidence?’. Thank you, brother. A man piercing his ears is regarded as a man imitating an action considered natural to a woman. There are proven scientific benefits behind this tradition, which makes it all the most preferred by men and boys. hahaha LOL. By the late 1980s, teenage boys pierced their left ears as a fashion statement, leaving their right ears unpierced in acknowledgement of the gay-related symbolism involved. Why should you or I? May Allah (Subhana wa Tal'la) keep you close to Himself for all of your life, and the life to come. Some type of ear piercings also cures migraine pain. There is no specific prohibition in Islam for men to have piercings but I would say getting your ears pierced would fall under another category: The prophet (saw) advised us to not imitate the disbelievers. So glory to Him in Whose hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him will you be all brought back. Piercings for men, on the other hand, are definitely haram in Islam. There are two types mainly inner and outer. Do you have a source to confirm that??!! Remember that different ear piercing types require different healing time and aftercare. Also, if they have gold in them, that is haraam for men as well. Most of the body piercings are individually named, but the renowned piercer Jim Ward, who developed the magazine Piercing Fans International Quarterly in the late 1970s, accepted that most of the names were contrived . The least problematic ones are the earlobe, the transverse lobe, and dermal piercings. Allow me to explain: I live in the UK, and in the late 1950s there was a large influx of black people from the West Indies. We can't copy their fashion. ma shaa Allah and may Allah help me to do so :)). On the other hand, it is unlawful according to Sharia, for the man to get his ear pierced as doing so is an imitation of the non-believers. It would not be a defence to say that since racial discrimination preceded the Race Discrimination Act (now the Equality Act 2010) the law is null and void. There really isn't an excuse. NO BLACKS OR DOGS!’ (Four landlords in my area had such signs). It would not be a defence to say that in the 1950s it was OK to discriminate and to put up such a sign. Body piercings are a common practice for many people today and we can find piercings on children, men and women alike. My first part of the question is, what does islam say about piercing ear for wearing jwels. I have decided that I also think it is haram but it is not copying disbelievers because disbelievers because disbelievers wear jeans and we wear jeans, etc… so don't just say things like that. 83. There is no unanimity regarding the year to perform ear piercing on a Hindu girl child. The largest place to learn and discuss about the teachings of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the Salat, Quran, Ramadan, Hajj and various Islamic lifestyle issues. The piercing sits on the top of the ear, above the Tragus and the Rook. Quran surah 36: Ya-sin. Piercing ears is an important ritual in Hinduism and some people made it compulsory. ‘Sayyiduna Abd Allah ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) relates, that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: “Cursed those men who imitate women and those women who imitate men”’ (Sahih al-Bukhari, 7/205). The anti-Tragus is just like the classic tragus piercing except it sits on the lower ear, just above the standard lobe. KAY now offers ear piercing services at many locations across the nation, giving you a trustworthy, professional and convenient place to not only have your ears pierced, but … If anything I think its more trendy NOT to have one just like eyebrow bars or lip piercings they are ten a penny and NOT unique and NOT individual. This article has been viewed 411,804 times. SOURCE: laandk. I am a muslim hijabi too, and I have five ear piercings. An auspicious day and auspicious time is chosen for performing If the majority of scholars agree that such-and-such is part of the Sharia then it is to be observed. Answer: may Allah be pleased and pleases you by His light and may He complete/perfect to us His light. It may be that another person will say that men wearing jewellery is OK, and we would expect that claim to be supported by evidence drawn from Islamic sources. There can be different cultural, religious, or individual reasons for a person deciding to have a piercing. Rituals for male ear piercings: I don't miss them either!. Asalaamu alaykum. Earrings are adornment that is only allowed for females in Islaam, along with bracelets, necklaces and anklets/bangles. All times are GMT. for example some will say that shaving beard is considered imitating women because before all the men were with beard and it will be very strange if someone was shaving.. but in the mean time it is becoming normal. Thanks and jazakoum Allahou khayran for bringing the hadith/source. This page was generated at 1 minute ago. Ibn Qayyim, FREE Islamic Books, Videos, Mp3s and DVDs. By the way, even if what you say is true (and I accept that it might be) it would not invalidate any ruling that such practices are unlawful for Muslims. To Tattoo or not to Tattoo | - The Islamic community news, discussion, and Question & … Ear piercing can be safe and simple, but there are some important guidelines to follow when you get it done. What exactly is allowed for men and women, and what is not? //

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